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This page is divided into three parts:

Technical Approach - Overtone Singing Class: learn the technique of overtone singing
Energetic Approach - Relaxation Seance: feel the effects of the overtone chant
Duration and Fees

Technique of Overtone Singing
During this class, which is also available via Skype, you sing overtones and visualize the harmonics by means of a spectrogramme ( see spectrogram).

Explanation of the breathing column (perineum, hara, diaphragm, lungs, throat, soft palate, fontanel) and awareness.

After that you sing French nasal vowels (on, an, in, ...) which will allow you to become aware of how to form your mouth. These formants ( see Wikipedia) are generating harmonic zones.

Then you learn how to modulate your soft palate with the GONG technique to precise the harmonics sung and which amplify them strongly while reducing the unison.

Using the tip of your tongue travelling along your bony palate to produce the harmonics, is the final exercise.

Human Body Energy and Overtones
This seance is dedicated to feeling the effects of the overtones in your body. Different sensations might be created (heat, pins and needles, tingling, shivering, jerks, coulours, symbols, images, ...) by the harmonic vibrations.

Overtone Singing is scanning and harmonising at the same time.

Finally the feeling should be overall, fluid and without blockings, with your body wrapped in a kind of "cocoon" sensation.

Duration and Fees
I propose:
A one-hour class Overtone Singing Technique at 40€
and a one-hour Relaxation seance at 60€.

For your introduction to Overtone Singing and its effects, you might be interested in an approximately three-hour Introductory Class (Technique + Relaxation) at 90€.
This course is an individual training to adapt the two approaches to your capacities and knowledge of yourself.

For any further query on classes and appointments, contact me.