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: DIPHOO - Events

Diphoo is currently traveling around the world. He will be back in Toulouse, France in February 2017.
This video was recorded in the Integratron Garden in Landers, California.

: DIPHOO - Sound Healing

DIPHOO has been a singer for many years, when he discovered overtone singing in 2003.

After years of self-training, DIPHOO has developped a relaxing and meditative healing session. Overtone singing accompanied by the sound of a shruti box makes you feel the harmonic healing sounds, which allow the connection with your Inner Self.

Enter into deep relaxation

Experience altered states of consciousness

Have your subtle energies cleaned

Get energetically balanced

Connect deeply with your Inner Self


The undeniably relaxing effect of overtones on the human being is due to its softness and harmonic beauty, but this is not the only effect.

The experience, feeling and result of several sessions show that these strongly restructuring vibrations influence almost immediately the human body’s energy system: meridians (energy veins), chakras (energy centres) and subtle bodies (energy fields).

Here is a scheme that roughly illustrates the human energy system:

Sound travels throughout the body, though more rapidly through body liquids at a speed of 1500m/s, up to 4.33 faster than the speed of sound through the air.

”Information” is anchored in our energy body thanks to the transporting and memorizing capacity of water, which represents 65% of the human body.

This “information” is carried by the natural and perfect intervals of the overtone and its basic tone: octave, fifth, third, seventh, etc. (see table).

All our life is build on relations. In music an interval represents the “relational distance” from one tone to another. All our beliefs have different origins; family, society, religion, politics, etc. that tend to falsify most of our relations. The consequence is an incoherent energy with its well-known symptoms: imbalanced and uneasy feelings or disease.

This is the point where overtone singing can intervene and call back the energy system, which is very sensitive to sound, the essential order of relations in the original structure.

Overtone singing re-organizes, purifies and re-programmes the energy system by vibrations to come to a natural harmonic and balanced order.

The effects of human voice overtones on the energies of consciousness relax you profoundly, lead to an expanded state of consciousness and balance the psycho-energetics of your chakras and meridians. These help you to (re)discover your Self.

These high harmonic frequencies dissolve those energy knots that are the reason for psychosomatic trouble, depression, stress and chronic pain. There are certainly far more therapy effects, only they have not yet been discovered.